Anthony Bullen


Anthony Bullen, Search and Rescue Technician 103 Search and Rescue Squadron
Boxey NL

For the average person, jumping out of a helicopter, rappelling off a cliff, or scuba diving in the frigid north Atlantic are unthinkable. But that’s Anthony Bullen’s job, every day. His life is often hanging on a wire, literally, as he rescues boaters, hunters and hikers from peril. And when he’s not on a mission, he’s constantly training to be ready for one. Anthony grew up in the tiny town of Boxey, on Newfoundland’s south coast. His yearning for adventure led him to the armed forces, and eventually to Search and Rescue. He doesn’t call himself a hero, but others do, especially the crew of The Northern Provider – a group of sealers who had to be rescued by Anthony and his team during fierce weather. The Gander-based SAR team earned the prestigious Cormorant Trophy for their bravery. Click the video called “When a Ship Goes Down” to hear the full story.